Welcome to our Overseas website

About Overseas

Overseas company is our customers’ gate to the health and wellness world. We provide high-end products in different sectors such as:

  • Disinfection equipments
  • Medical tools & equipments
  • Cosmetics



Our vision is to lead the Health & Wellness Market in Egypt, Africa & Middle East to emphasize the healthy lifestyle among our world.



Our Mission is to provide our customers with high quality of health & wellness products and equipments in different sectors to encourage a healthier life style in the region.

Core Values:

  • Passion:
    • We care about our customer by offering unique products for health & wellness.
  • Commitment:
    • We are committed to empower the healthy lifestyle.
  • Quality:
    • We provide high quality of products we are proud to stand behind.
  • Health Awareness:
    • We help you to have a soundness of mind and body that flows from meeting your emotional and physical needs through self-awareness and disciplined preventive measures.